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Our Services

insideSCM helps companies improve their performance and tackle their most serious challenges. We have expertise in the following areas.


Our SAP expertise

With our SAP consultancy we provide advice on several logistical modules. Our expertise and broad experience in various industries enables our clients to optimize their business processes. Our specialists work side by side with the client with the aim to realize a solution that leads to a higher efficiency. We strongly believe that implementing the software of SAP must not be an aim in itself, but a means to business development!

SAP specialists

insideSCM consultants are chosen from the best talents and the most experienced consultants, with different nationalities and backgrounds. They're SAP certified and have knowledge of multiple modules. Through years of experience at multiple implementation projects they are able to understand client specific challenges and possibilities.

Above all insideSCM stands for consultants that are professional, integer and have passion for the job. This is what makes insideSCM consultancy very strong!

Areas of expertise

  • SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)
  • SAP TM (Transportation Management)
  • SAP EM (Event Management)
  • SAP GTS (Global Trade Services)
  • SAP ERP Transportation Management
  • SAP LES (Logistics Execution Systems)


Our logistics expertise

The role of logistics is changing rapidly. The expectations of customers are rising, products more individualized and the trend towards a sharing economy makes supply chain networks increasingly complex. Past performance is no guarantee for future success. To foresee trends and anticipate quickly on new events or circumstances is of great importance. In order to realize their ambitions organizations must be able to change continuously!

Realize ambitions

The insideSCM consultants provide advice to our clients regarding strategic, tactical or operational challenges. The supply chain related queries are reviewed by our consultants from an objective point of view. Based on their knowledge and experience in multiple industries they provide solutions. A new strategy is worked out to a realistic plan, aimed at realizing the clients targets and within the planned timeline.


As the name suggests insideSCM is completely focused on supply chain management. Our business consultants are therefore true specialists in the field of logistics. Besides tackling business challenges, we also know what it means to operate at the crossroads of business and IT!

Track & Trace

Our Track & Trace expertise

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is generally considered as one of the most dominant future technologies. RFID is already being used widely in everyday life for the purpose of theft prevention, entrance tickets, membership cards or identification of pets. The business use of RFID technology is also growing strongly. Track & Trace in the supply chain is becoming more and more essential. This is a global and cross-industry growing demand.

Huge potential

Working more efficient with increased reliability, improved inventory management and better insight. These are the main reasons for chosing a RFID solution. RFID enables fully automatic registration of goods in the supply chain. Manual scans and data entry belong to the past!

Take the step

In our service offering we are focused on integrating RFID with SAP supply chain execution applications. Our partnerships with RFID experts enable us to deliverer successful realisation of automation projects. The combination of specific domain expertise with our experience in logistics and SAP enables our clients to take the step from discovery to actual deployment!

Our solutions

Our Solutions

insideSCM offers tailored solutions to support operational processes. We're offering tools in the following areas.


Our Transport Solutions

Carrier integration

insideSCM has broad experience in realizing technical integration with carriers. Our most recent solutions are based on the SAP Express Shipping Interface (XSI). This enables the display of all the required details regarding shipments in SAP. Our solutions deliver full track & trace integration and far better insight in the supply chain!

The insideSCM experts guide our clients through the complete process of design, development and implementation in order to deliver a tailor made solution. Connections can be realized to practically all carriers. Our expierence varies from Worldship, WorldEase, PLD0200 and several EDIFACT formats.


Our warehouse solutions

SAP EWM Rapid Deployment Solutions

insideSCM recognizes a strong increase in demand for software that helps companies to react effectively to urgents needs. This makes an easy, quick implementation and short 'time-to-value' is extremely important. Naturally, no compromises should be made on the quality and sustainability of investments.

In order to meet these needs insideSCM offers SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions. At the moment we're offering two solutions as a recognized SAP partner; the 'EWM for Retail RDS' and the 'WM to EWM migration RDS'.

3D-Solution for SAP EWM

For our clients that wish to optimize their warehouses to the next level, insideSCM offers a 3D-solution. The tool is seamlessly integrated with SAP EWM and provides additional possibilities for business process analyses and optimization by making use of 3D visualization and simulations.  

Voice solutions

It's impossible to imagine modern complex warehouses without the use of voice technology. Our experts analyze and prepare our clients' warehouse processes for the use of voice technology. Ultimately, the solution enables handsfree and simple registration of actions and movements in the warehouse by using intuitive voice commands!


Our Technology Solutions

Our technology solutions are based on SAP's standard software enriched with our experiences.

In our solutions we offer :

  • SAP Auto-ID RFID Integrated scenarios for Extended Warehouse Management
  • SAP Event Manager based status tracking for Extended Warehouse Management
  • SAP HANA Database based approach for Extended Warehouse Management

Our Team

Meet our team

We are proud of the knowledge we have in house. Meet our team!

Bart Verlinden

Associate Consultant | SAP SCE

Mathijs Geraedts

Associate Consultant | SAP SCE & Business

Michael Dobbe

Associate Consultant | SAP SCE & Business

Everard vd Hengel

Associate Consultant | SAP SCE & Business

George v. Oorschot

Associate Consultant | SAP SCE & Project Management

Henry v. Heezik

Associate Consultant | SAP Technical

Carl Onbelet

Associate Consultant | SAP SCE

Sipko Spek

Associate Consultant | SAP Technical

Aris Gika

Associate Consultant | SAP SCE

Eri Shanaj

Consultant | SAP SCE

Praveen Nagandla

Consultant | SAP SCE

Ricardo Post

Consultant | SAP SCE

Sander Post

Consultant | SAP SCE

Joachim v. Goch

Managing Partner | Solution Architect

Rogier Post

Managing Partner | Solution Architect
Our certificates

Our Certificates


In Supply Chain Management


SAP Services Partner

Our Partners

Our Partners

Partnership is important. We believe strategic partnerships can realize the best Supply Chain Management solutions.

Our clients

Our Clients

Below you can find a selection of our recent clients.

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